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Cambli Group is a Quebec-based family company that specializes in the design and manufacture of armoured vehicles for the protection and transportation of valuables. A leader in this niche market, the company is known for overcoming obstacles. With 30 years of existence and high-quality products, the company is internationally recognized. The Camblian team is a reflection of the vehicles it designs: a force that is here to stay!

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The genesis…

A generational legacy


Although Cambli Group was founded on July 1st, 1993 by Claude Tougas – the father of current president Véronique Tougas – it is André Tougas, Véronique’s grandfather, who introduced the armoured vehicle in Quebec at the end of the 1950’s by securing a first contract with Brink’s Canada. André worked with his son Claude for many years until 1993, at which time Claude decided to make his way and found his own company.

Véronique’s father’s philosophy is that nothing should interfere with his happiness. This mindset stays with him throughout
his career.

My father is a self-taught, intelligent and philosophical man. He has invested a lot of himself in the company. 

At the time, there were only about 15 companies in the valuables transportation business in North America, whereas today there are only three major ones. “There has been significant market consolidation over the years.” This is positive for Cambli Group, which experiences notable – albeit non-linear – growth, particularly because the company has loyal clients with punctual needs.

Cambli Group transforms itself over the decades as the Tougas entrepreneurial lineage succeeds one another at the head of the company. Each generation makes a valuable contribution to the evolution of the organisation.

 I am the third generation. With my father, we started the story all over again from the beginning. 




An atypical career path

Véronique joins Cambli Group in 2002, while her father is president. The latter strongly encourages her to complete her studies in accounting, since education is very important to him as he did not have the opportunity to study at university.

Ambitious and confident, Véronique discovers a real passion for her field of activity. Over time, she takes her place and climbs the ladder.

Around 2010, Cambli Group experiences a growth of 100%. Claude feels his enthusiasm for management weakening, he thinks about passing the torch to his daughter.

He didn’t have the energy to go through that type of growth!  

Cambli Group experiences significant ups and downs in terms of growth and major challenges loom on the horizon.



n 2012, Véronique acquires 51% of the voting shares (control shares), but does not own the company, which is rather unconventional. Claude therefore remains the owner of Cambli Group. This state of affairs brings with it its share of challenges for Véronique, especially in turbulent times… 

 I was making the decisions, but I was playing with his marbles! 



Double challenge

Business takeover in times of crisis

In 2010, Véronique succeeds her father at the helm of Cambli Group. What is special is that the handover takes place shortly before a financial crisis that occurs in 2013. “A perfect storm!” That year, some clients restructure and make other choices than investing in armoured vehicles. Consequently, the company drastically reduces its activities.

The newly appointed president hones her leadership and management skills throughout these difficult times. “I often say that the 2013 crisis was my training as president.”

Despite her limited experience as a manager, Véronique has to make and take responsibility for major decisions that have an impact on the future.

“It takes enormous managerial courage to turn a company around, because the demands are coming from all sides.”



Facing difficulties

Véronique keeps her cool and rolls up her sleeves. She hires an experienced manager, a man with whom she drafts a strategic plan. His sound advice allows her to make more informed decisions. “Together we built the plan and I executed the actions!” Although the context is very difficult and Véronique is facing adversity, the presence of this man is important as part of her warrior’s journey.

The entrepreneur realizes how important communication is to reassure her collaborators. “I have met with suppliers. I closed departments. I realigned things. Unfortunately, I had to let some people go and hire others.”

“ I left no stones unturned! ”

The transition is not smooth, as intergenerational visions collide. “It was tricky, because some of the decisions I was making were undoing others that my father had made.”

Fortunately, Véronique has the stature of a warrior and succeeds in proving herself. She is convinced that she is the right person to take the role of president. “If I had not been the right person, I would have given up my position!”

Despite the turmoil, the outcome of the takeover is positive. The decisions made by Véronique prove to be beneficial! In 2016, the entrepreneur acquires all the company’s shares from her father. This satisfies all members of the Tougas family. 

We all won in the end, as the company turned out very well. 



Crossing the desert take 2



Véronique is not out of the woods yet, as she faces a second major crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The turmoil caused by the health crisis has a direct impact on the company’s supply chain.

“There was a shortage of microprocessors, a critical component inserted into a vehicle chassis.”

Thus, for over a year, Cambli Group does not produce armoured vehicles since, without this component, it cannot put them into production.



Once again, Véronique manages to keep her head above water and save her company.

 I found myself in the same situation as in 2013, but with more experience, more confidence 

Her resilience is remarkable. Like a reed, she does not break under the weight of storms!



Vision and values...

A family spirit

Originally, Cambli Group is a family business. Although Véronique
no longer works with family members per se, this value remains
at the heart of the organisational structure.

Slowly but surely, the open-minded and consensus-building company leader is assembling a ‘dream team’ of talented people who share her aspirations and values. The employees refer to each other as ‘Camblians’, a term that evokes a sense of belonging to the organisation. “We hire people like us!”

The company, located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, currently has 150 passionate Camblians, whose work is motivated by innovation and surpassing themselves. In its effervescent years, 175 to 200 Camblians work in its midst. 

When interviewing candidates, I ask the following questions: do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, are you a builder? 

Cambli Group is in the midst of a transformation. As a result, there are a plethora of challenges on the horizon. In addition to advantageous working conditions, it is rewarding for employees to design and manufacture such products. “We look at our products and are proud of them. It helps convincing people!” 

Véronique offers a lot of flexibility to her employees. Flexibility that she herself needs, given her busy schedule and multiple professional commitments. Without false modesty, she sees herself as an employer of choice in the region.

“My employer branding is our DNA!” 

Over the years, the entrepreneur builds up her professional network. Véronique prides herself on recruiting talent without stepping on the toes of her counterparts. “I’m not going to steal employees from my fellow entrepreneurs in the region. I’m very sensitive to that.” 



Organisational agility: A precious asset!

One of the strengths of Cambli Group is its agility. “We are known for responding quickly to the concerns of our clients!”

The teams work closely with the clients. They offer a very personalized service as a result of the quick feedback from the main stakeholders. “Clients love it, because there is nothing we can’t do for them!”

The team is very responsive to situations and is known and recognized for its creativity and numerous innovative ideas.

“Being agile is part of our mission. A large prime manufacturer cannot have the agility of an SME. Their operational structure does not allow them to. This is what makes Cambli an excellent partner.” 


Expanding the range of services



The strong risk for interdependency with the clients is a central concern for Cambli Group. Hence the importance of finding a balance by diversifying and better structuring.

“My biggest challenge is diversification to be able to protect my core business, which is the transportation of valuables.”



Noble foundations

Cambli Group is well anchored and if the company succeeds in not losing the course when the wind of adversity invites itself, it is because it has inalienable values on which its foundations rest. Agility, ethics, commitment and now eco-responsibility are integral parts of these.

The military sector is a sensitive one. Many people are apprehensive about its little-known purposes. Véronique wishes to educate people in this regard. “I want to reveal beautiful companies, in this case Cambli Group, who show ethics in this sector of activity.”

Our vehicles are not offensive in nature. We protect police officers, people. We save lives! 

Commitment is another core value. Without the commitment of her troops, the president admits that she would not get anywhere. Véronique leads the way, as she is very involved in the company’s decisions. She builds relationships with a trusted team that is moving forward in the right direction. “I surrounded myself with competent people in order to create an extremely efficient ecosystem.”

A new value that the stakeholders of Cambli Group put forward is eco-responsibility. Their sector of activity is very conservative and demands great reliability. “You can’t take any risks!” 

New technologies are the key to this quest, which is in line with Véronique’s values. The possibility of reducing the vehicles’ carbon footprint is being evaluated.

“ I need to feel that my company is making this shift. ”



A choice ambassador!

Involved in the community and in a multitude of projects that are close to her heart, Véronique is a proud ambassador of the Centre de transfert d’entreprise du Québec (CETQ), whose mission is to ensure the continuation of Quebec-based businesses.  

Inspired by her own experience, Véronique promotes the existence of this organisation and discusses with other company presidents the importance of succession planning.

“The CETQ cis a great help, whether in terms of awareness or action. It supports and makes resources available to ensure succession. In my opinion, it’s a very
valuable organisation!”

The province is at risk of losing its Quebec headquarters if entrepreneurs do not address the issue of business succession. Véronique is making this a priority. 

“We don’t want a Quebec company to be sold for a nickel to foreign interests because of a lack of succession. We don’t want our organisations to lose their character!”



Entrepreneur coach

d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce (EEB) to benefit from her professional and personal experiences in the context of a testimonial she delivers on work-life conciliation. She focuses on a module entitled

“How to align the entrepreneur in you”.

“As coaches, we are there for 24 hours and give testimonials on a subject in front of several cohorts over the years.”

The entrepreneur is constantly seeking efficiency. The time factor forces her to reassess her priorities and focus on projects that make sense.

“We must not get bogged down by projects that are not aligned with our values, with what we really need!”

Focusing on efficiency, being selective and surrounding herself well allow the President to be organized and achieve a healthy balance in her life. 

“There is Véronique the mother, Véronique the entrepreneur, Véronique the friend… I need this efficiency to reconcile everything!”




Involved in the community

The Johannaise is proud of her city, which is the 11th largest in Quebec. She contributes to many projects related to the economic development of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. “I see a lot of potential and I wish to bring my own contribution!”

Véronique is generous with charitable organisations. She is particularly interested in causes related to education or the fate of young people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. “If they get out of their precarious situations, they will be able to deploy their full potential.”

The Fondation de l’Étoile pédiatrie sociale, a division of the Fondation du Dr Julien and the Fondation du Cégep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, which helps young people gain access to education, are organisations she supports. The entrepreneur is also interested in the status of women, especially their place in the labour market. She encourages them to gain confidence and to dare to apply for jobs in male-dominated industrial companies.

“Getting women interested in becoming involved with manufacturing companies is important. If there are more women in these industries, it means that they are improving.”

Behind the scenes…

The warrior muse


Véronique Tougas
President of Cambli Group


Véronique is an assertive, bold, tenacious and humble entrepreneur, who not only has the courage of her opinions, but also the courage of her decisions, for which she assumes full responsibility.

I am a person who is able to face up to things and admit mistakes. I have grown a lot within my position as president, because I don’t have an excessive ego! 

Persevering, organised, rigorous, she is committed to efficiency. As a mother of three children married to an entrepreneur who works abroad, time is a precious commodity that she must use wisely. I always follow the path of efficiency.

Véronique’s professional influence has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the numerous honours she has received. In particular, she is named Personality of the Year at the 55th edition of the Gala de l’Excellence de la Chambre de commerce et de l’industrie du Haut-Richelieu. In 2022, she is nominated in the category “Enterprise with the most international success” in the Prix Femmes d’affaires du Québec. Sisterhood is crucial for her…

With these contests, I want to encourage women. Let’s go! Come on! Let’s use our strengths! We’re fighters, we’re resilient!
We have everything to succeed in these fields. That’s the message I want to give.
It’s important for me to set an example!


The ingenious collaborator


Martin Cousineau 
Cambli Group Associate, Vice-President, R&D & Innovation


In 2000, Martin Cousineau joins the ranks of Cambli Group. He immediately puts his expertise and creativity to the company’s profit. At the time, he is Claude Tougas’ sole partner.

Martin was the person who had the ideas to make the product evolve. 

Creative, agile and with a fine intelligence, his contributions to Cambli Group are very important.

If Cambli Group is recognized as the North American leader in its sector, it is partly thanks to my father and Martin who have taken the product to another level. Because of their qualities and skills, they have contributed to the company’s rise!


The unifier


Benoit Lemay
Vice-President, General Manage


Since 2018, Benoit has been lending a hand to Véronique and their synergy is contributing to the transformation of Cambli Group, particularly with regard to strategies aimed at diversification and international expansion. We form a hyper-performing team, because we complement each other well!

Known for his impeccable work ethic and perseverance, qualities that are in line with the values advocated by the members of the organisation, Benoit is a manager whom Camblians rally around.

His professional influence has a positive impact on both employees and clients!


OUR PILLARS: authentic Camblians

Transforming a company requires the collaboration of all those involved.

Despite the difficulties, our core group of employees has never stopped believing! It is thanks to them that we are successful.

Labourers, supervisors, office workers or directors, each of these builders has left their mark on the Cambli group’s history. The daily devotion of the Camblians contributes to the evolution of the company!

An outline of the future...

Securing your assets

Cambli Group’s priorities for the future are the transformation and diversification of its sectors of activity in order to minimize risk and ensure a more linear growth. In essence, more stability. 

“Exporting products internationally is part of our plan for diversification. We have mature products ready to be exported worldwide.”

Being well positioned as an organisation that shows ability to obtain government contracts is another objective.  

There is a huge amount of business opportunities in the field of security.  

Continuing to support current clients and improving after-sale service are also Cambli Group’s objectives. Next, growth through acquisition will be pursued
to solidify the company. 



Véronique and her team are building a unique flexible framework that is gradually defining the face of an evolving organisation in which future prospects cross borders! 

 I try not to make decisions based on constraints. When I’m convinced of my vision, when I’m certain that’s what I need to do, I do it, regardless of the constraints. That was a thought from a client that I found so brilliant… It follows
me everywhere! 



Groupe Cambli – English

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450 358-4920

Publishing Director: Audrey Dallaire
Author: Evelyne Bilodeau
Translator: Frédérick Poulin
Graphic designer: Liliane Racine
Proofreader: Céline Chabot

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