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Located in the heart of Abitibi-Témiscamingue, near the Ontario border, ASDR reinvents itself every day to offer turnkey services to the mining industry through its vertical integration model. ASDR has four centres of excellence: engineering, project management, water treatment as well as manufacturing and maintenance. No challenge is too great for this multidisciplinary, innovative, agile, and resilient squad!

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The genesis...

A company that imposes its laws

ASDR pushes the boundaries of innovation. Nothing is beyond the reach of this group of passionate visionaries who refuse to fail and believe in the impossible!

Stephen Authier, president and co-owner of the ASDR Group, begins his career in the field of engineering. He works there for more than 20 years. During this time, he sees all the benefits of collaboration between engineers and manufacturers.




 We would be more agile and efficient in delivering projects and our cost and schedule estimates would be more accurate. 

A seasoned manager, he is convinced that he can reinvent standards by offering turnkey services to mining companies.

This is how the ASDR project comes to be.



The adventure begins in 2006 with the purchase of a production workshop. Stephen teams up with his brother, who takes over responsibility for the workshop.

At first, ASDR manufactures four products: ore chutes, safety bumpers, ventilation doors and buckets.

 Obviously, in order to grow we had to diversify production and hire an experienced team. And that’s what we did. 

In the second year, the company grows from 4 to 15 employees. 

Sprawling development



Stephen quickly notices the lack of environmental services in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region.
From this realization comes the idea of integrating an environmental company into the ASDR Group.

“Over time, we added the services we needed to do turnkey projects. In Abitibi, where the mines are located, there was no company specializing in environment. We created one!”

In 2008, he hires Marc Turcotte to lead the development of the ASDR Environment division. This new centre of excellence rapidly takes its place in the Abitibi mining sector and propels ASDR’s influence on the international scene.

At the same time, the team develops an engineering centre that completes its vertical integration model. It generates an ecosystem in line with ASDR’s vision: the creation of turnkey projects.

“In 2013, ASDR expands the family with the acquisition of Terratube, an SME specializing in Geotube pumping and dehydration in the municipal sector.”

Always on the lookout for innovation, Stephen’s team is demonstrating to the mining industry and to the Ministère de l’Environnement, de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, de la Faune et des Parcs the relevance of applying this technology.

Thanks to the implementation of the Geotube technology in the mining sector, ASDR earns a place in the Book of the 100 best innovations in modern mining.

This acquisition supports the growth of ASDR, whose head office in Malartic now employs approximately 100 workers.


Seizing international business opportunities

ASDR’s clients include multinationals that operate mining facilities around the world.
Thanks to them, ASDR is now internationally renowned. 

The Quebec-based company first ventures into Morocco in 2013. Then, identifying new development opportunities in the field of water treatment, Stephen opens an office in Peru. Cultural differences and lack of resources for effective canvassing soon put an end to the Latin adventure. 

Working in the jungle brings its own set of challenges for transporting people and equipment. Security is also an issue: “In Burkina Faso, our team was ambushed. We decided to cease our activities in this unstable territory that had become too dangerous.”

Today, only the Moroccan office remains active.




The Tigzha mining centre in Morocco


Back to the “stove element” strategy

COVID-19 puts an end to ASDR’s international expansion. “We lost 12 million dollars. All of our projects outside of Canada fell through.” 

Jean Dion, a wise member of the board of directors, then recommends that the ASDR team adopt the “stove element” growth strategy. This consists of focusing the expansion initiatives around the head office, like the spiral of an old stove element!

“We are known in our part of the country, but we are absent from the regions around Abitibi. Instead of taking a plane to go to work, we decided to focus on developing the Ontario and Canadian markets.”




Stephen does not waste any time! In order to increase ASDR’s expertise in the fields of engineering and project management, he acquires Concept DB in 2019. Thanks to this union, ASDR adds the Rouyn-Noranda unit to its offices in Malartic, Val-d’Or and Casablanca, in Morocco. 

 Around 100 engineers carry out our own projects and those of our clients in a wide range of disciplines including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, programming, structure and concrete. 

Two years later, Stephen and his team further refine the Water Treatment Division with the acquisition of ECO Technologies, a New Brunswick company specializing in dredging and environmental services. “Our combined expertise allows us to work longer during the winter season and to have a fleet of equipment that is unique in Canada.”

Over the years, the managers complete ASDR’s service offer with the introduction of industrial services, including equipment maintenance during planned shutdowns. The complementarity of the four centres of excellence perfects the vertical integration. 




The dream comes true

Less than 20 years after the founding of ASDR, Stephen, shareholders and employees finally realize their dream as an army of 365 employees supports mining companies in the completion of their projects with a range of turnkey solutions. 

 We have built a great business that the mining industry needed. Otherwise, we would never have experienced such growth. 

Stephen cannot predict the future. “We are constantly on the lookout for business opportunities. They will dictate what happens next for ASDR!”

Vision and values...

Breaking the barriers of the impossible

There is a solution; we just need to look for it, recognize it and find the best way to implement it.

Stephen likes to say that ASDR is a creature with multiple tentacles that does things differently. The shareholders have a solid plan for growth that has been enhanced by the many business opportunities coming their way.

“A company like ASDR is not built on instincts alone. We have implemented agile strategic planning that adapts to the changes transforming the industry.”

Over the years, Stephen and his team build the services they need to complete projects around the small workshop.  “And the future still holds great surprises for our clients.”



Aiming high and learning fast

Surpassing oneself is a real driver for growth at ASDR.

We have grown by taking on great challenges. We have learned a lot from these projects. And the beauty of it is that we are still learning a little bit more every day. 

To this day, the same modus operandi is apparent. Stephen makes deals. He then sits down with his team to find solutions to problems and create the tools they need to solve them.

“When we started out, we signed a contract to service heavy truck bodies without even having the right workshop to do the work. Thanks to this project, we have built the largest industrial paint shop in northern Quebec. The same goes for water treatment. We were learning and developing our services as we went along. Marc worked long hours in a laboratory to understand chemistry and polymerisation!”



At ASDR we are used to suffering a lot because of our temerity! We are pulling our hair out during the project, but afterwards we are better for it. And ready for another challenge!

Ambitious projects



Some projects leave their mark on ASDR’ history because of the magnitude of the challenge they present. The emptying of a pit in the middle of winter in Matagami, in the Nord-du-Québec administrative region, is one of them.

Stephen, Marc and Philippe draw up a game plan and submit it to external engineering firms. They all agree that it is impossible to pump water for 4.5 km in winter without it freezing.

 Failure is not part of our vocabulary. 

We thought outside the box, we set up a program and managed to realize this project in collaboration with one of the world’s largest mining companies. The project was a success that we even managed to repeat twice!




Raw resilience 

Sometimes the northern weather plays tricks on the entrepreneurs. Like on that December morning when the team is about to start treating a retention basin when they notice that the water is completely frozen. The method of working that had been thought out over a long period of time is no longer working. Back to square one!

Puzzled, Stephen and Marc find themselves sitting in a snow bank wondering: “What do we do now?” In the cold weather of Abitibi, they develop a new technique.

“An engineering firm had bet that we wouldn’t succeed, but we proved them wrong by getting the job done.”

 We always analize a project by asking ourselves: what can be done? 



Aiming for the top

ASDR grows rapidly. In addition to the company’s organic growth, strategic acquisitions enhance the team’s skills by bringing in new talent. Instinctively, Stephen relies on a vertical integration
model that allows him to achieve his vision: to accompany the client at every stage of his project.

ASDR can meet all needs, from feasibility studies to equipment maintenance. This is a competitive advantage that allows us to guarantee high quality standards in addition to reducing our turnaround times. 

The challenges ahead


Stephen and his administrative team are vigilant in managing the company’s finances. This allows the entrepreneur to look forward to a bright future. However, he is aware of the challenges which lie ahead in the coming years.


Continuing to manage growth

For the entrepreneur, the biggest challenge remains managing growth. “I often compare ASDR to a teenager. We have grown fast. Our arms are still too long for our body, but we are stabilizing.”  

It takes time for him to realize the importance of surrounding himself with specialists. “In our minds, we think that if we perform a task or a project, anybody can do it. Stubbornly trying to do everything ourselves has hindered the growth of the company. Over time, we have come to realize the value of having the right people in the right places. Specialists make us better.”

The company’s expansion creates a certain imbalance. “We realized that we could not run an organization of 60 employees the same way we would a company of 300. It takes processes, structure and people with very clear responsibilities.”

The restructuring is well underway when Stephen and his team put the right people in the right places and develop new management tools.

“Before, we used to make decisions for 2 or 3 million dollars in the hallway. Now, we have created committees so that it’s not a single person making decisions. The challenge for us is to get used to working with our committees, to let them do the analysis before deciding.”



We need to surround ourselves with professionals and specialists in their field to become better in ours.



Tackling the communication challenge

Stephen and his management team are sometimes caught off guard by the rapid growth of the company. “We’re always one or two steps behind. So, it’s difficult to communicate the progress of ASDR. We don’t write our story as we go along. We act and move on to the next project, the next challenge, neglecting to transfer knowledge.”

People of action, they are however conscious of the importance of making ASDR shine and of sharing successful stories to inspire employees.

“As soon as one project ends, another begins. We give each other a little pat on the back, but we do not necessarily take the time to sit down, take stock and properly evaluate our actions. Even less so to communicate them adequately! Our attention is already focused on the next opportunity.”

 We have very high expectations of ourselves and the team.  

No one is prophet in his own land


Taking on challenges

Regional recognition is still difficult for the company. The perception of being a small welding workshop sticks to ASDR. “Many of our first clients don’t realize how much we have grown. This is an issue we are still experiencing today.”

The distinctive and innovative approach to projects also hinders ASDR’s reputation in the industry. 

 For a long time, we were seen as impostors. In the last five years, we have finally been recognized as a serious competitor.  

Fortunately, the group’s hardiness, ingenuity and achievements are keeping new clients coming back to ASDR’s door.

Behind the scenes…

The spirit of a warrior


The managers admit that you have to be tough to work at ASDR.

Our 365 employees are exceptional; they are people who are very flexible and open to change.  

Nothing is permanent at ASDR. You have to love challenges and be able to live in the unknown.

If they are demanding of themselves, they are equally demanding of their employees.

“In essence, we are warriors, passionate people and relentless developers. We are constantly challenging our team to realize new projects or design a new technology. Jumping in the unknown with both feet gives us wings!”

Behind the scenes…

The self-taught visionary


Stephen Authier
President & CEO


Stephen studied business administration technnology. He quickly realized that producing paychecks was not his cup of tea! He returned on the school banks to complete a course in industrial design.

After his studies, he worked in the mining industry at Agnico Eagle and Aur. Identifying deficiencies in project engineering, he founds his own firm with a colleague. We had no experience, but within a few years, we became the reference in the industry. This reputation enabled us to sell our firm to a major engineering firm and to be their gateway to the mining companies.

Stephen is a natural entrepreneur. From an early age, he sniffs out and seizes the opportunities that come his way. He is best known for his innovative ideas, which enable him to solve his clients’ problems.

I am a self-taught daredevil who built his career on books and on a series of trials and errors.


The éminence grise


Philippe Authier
Vice-President, Industrial Services and Manufacturing


Employed by a mining company, Philippe joined his brother at ASDR as soon as it opened. With almost 25 years of supervisory experience, he was and still is the company’s number one employee. 

Philippe is a man of few words, but his opinion carries a lot of weight. An influential advisor, his knowledge of the mining sector is respected by all his colleagues.

At ASDR, I am the good father of the family. A competent second-in-command who wants things to work 100%!


Problem-solving mode


The developer


Marc Turcotte
Vice-President, Water Treatment


Before joining the ASDR team, Marc ran one of the largest agricultural businesses in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. He is responsible for the growth of ASDR Environment.

He climbed the ladder one step at a time. But not without challenges! I remember June 1st, 2008 very well. I was standing in the Malartic plant and I was thinking: what have I done?

Marc learned his trade in the field… and in laboratories, where he familiarized himself with chemical compounds. This trained firefighter knows how to put out fires and solve the problems that inevitably arise on sites.

We often say to ourselves that, had we been engineers, ASDR would not exist, because the risks we took were not calculated at the level of an engineer’s calculations!


The analyst


Dan Misiano
Director of Operations, Water Treatment Division


Dan launched his career in sales. Recruited by Marc’s team, he left the metropole to return home. It was a fairly drastic change of life that he does not regret.

When he joined ASDR, the company only had six employees. Curious and motivated by an unquenchable thirst for learning, Dan dabbled in everything. “I started working directly on site, which gave me an understanding of the construction and operation of a water treatment plant.”

Just as passionate as his colleagues, Dan had an analytical and methodical mind that added some structure to the organization. A quality that enabled him to rise through the ranks fairly quickly within the company.

There is no such thing as failure. There is always a solution to a problem. This is the way of thinking and doing that we pass on to the team.

An outline of the future...

Focusing on specialized products

Stephen hopes to conclude new acquisitions that will consolidate ASDR’s services. Above all, he wants to see the enhancement and deployment of ASDR’s products.

ASDR is a company of its time that cares about environmental issues. In the last few years, the team has developed sustainable products to help mining companies comply with new environmental regulations.

“The Geotube technology enjoys an enviable reputation. Since 2008, many have tried to compete with us, but we are still recognized as the Geotube specialist.”

This ability to manufacture specialized products is at the heart of ASDR’s development plans. “What we want for the future is for clients to come to us looking for our products.”


A message for the next generation

Beyond the passion that drives entrepreneurship, you have to think outside the box. “If there are three soft ice cream shops in your area, don’t open a soft ice cream shop!”

Stephen believes that you must have ideas, be convinced of your ideas and remain convinced despite the obstacles. “The important thing is to stay on course with your game plan. Sometimes you fail, but when you hit the wall, you have to figure out how to get through it!”

Risk-taking and resilience are key factors for success. “To go into business, you can’t calculate the risk. You have to go for it!



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Author: Caroline Horrell
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