Dyze design – English

Founded in 2015, Dyze Design develops and manufactures high-performance components for 3D printers. Driven by innovative ideas and big ambitions, this foursome of young entrepreneurs is quickly putting its imprint on the international scene. The success of Dyze’s team is a testament to their creativity.

Tremcar – English

Founded in 1962, Tremcar is one of the four largest manufacturers of tank trailers in North America. The company’s strength lies in the diversity of its products, and in its ability to custom-design tanks for the 5,000 customers it serves. Despite the ups and downs of the economy, this family business, led by Daniel Tremblay, … Lire la suite

Mantra pharma – English

Mantra Pharma is a pharmaceutical and health company. Stéphane Turcotte, the company’s founder, and his partners Jean- François Letarte, Pierre Cadrin, Olivier Paquet, and Maxime Deslauriers, are constantly striving to stand out from the crowd. No matter the department, the five men at the head of Mantra Pharma are always guided by their noble mission: … Lire la suite

Norda Stelo – English

Norda Stelo, a well-known company in Québec, has nearly 700 employees and was ranked as the 12th largest engineering firm in the province in 2022. Established in 1963, this company focuses on developing urban infrastructure and transportation systems. They specialize in creating roads, ports, railways, public transportation, and smart mobility solutions for the mining, manufacturing, … Lire la suite

Paber Aluminium – English

Specialized in high quality gravity aluminum casting, Paber is a Canadian aluminum components manufacturer. Paber produces turnkey parts for clients of various backgrounds around the world. With founder Luc Paris’ two children at the helm, Paber excels where many fail in the transfer of entrepreneurship.

Jambette – English

The Jambette recreational equipment company was a small business when it was founded in Lévis in 1983. Its values of openness, sharing and generosity have helped it grow so well that this Canadian leader in playground equipment design is now playing in the big leagues.

EcoloPharm – English

EcoloPharm specializes in the eco-design of prescription drug packaging products that have the smallest carbon footprint on the North American market. This Quebec- based manufacturing company, founded by Sandrine Milante, places eco-responsibility and sustainable development at the heart of its concerns in order to revolutionize the pharmaceutical world.

CEL aerospace – English

Founded by Charles-Émile Lussier (CEL) in his garage in 1988, the company has gone with passion through the steps that led it to its current international status. A flagship of aeronautical engineering, still little-known in Quebec, CEL collaborates with the largest aircraft engine manufacturers in the world. Its core business: the construction of test cells for … Lire la suite

Archex – English

Founded by Jacques Forest in 1976, Archex designs and manufactures custom made booths for exhibitions, conferences and trade shows. The company also designs and manufactures commercial spaces for the retail sector outside of corporate events. Since 2008, Mr. Forest’s daughters – Anik and Stéphanie – have taken over the business, increased profits fivefold and rebranded … Lire la suite

Innergex – English

Innergex Renewable Energy specializes in the generation of renewable energy through wind, solar and hydroelectric facilities. The innovative and people-oriented approach of President and CEO Michel Letellier has led to the creation of sustainable partnerships with Indigenous communities and municipalities, as well as positioning Innergex internationally. Its mission: building a better world with renewable energy!

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